July Box Reveal


What Was In The July Box?

Ah, the life of the entrepreneur. It can be exciting, but the on-the-go nature that many of us face can also get overwhelming. The July Sparkle Hustle Grow box was all about traveling with tools for success, style, and simplicity. Check it out!

Adventures For Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential by Shannon Kaiser ($16 value):

Part of being an entrepreneur is constantly engaging in self-discovery. Shannon Kaiser helps her readers do just that with 21 exercises that explore the habits that may be holding you back from your full potential: By focusing on how your life feels instead of how it looks on the outside, you can passionately experience your own life adventures.Plus, who doesnt love a fresh read while traveling?

Online Training: Facebook Ads to Supercharge Your List Growth by Allie Bjerk, Online Marketing and Facebook Ad Strategist ($147 value):

Anyone can make a Facebook ad, but like most ways of marketing and advertising, there are strategies to help you get the most out of it. From learning about the technical side of Facebook ads (such as UTM codes) to the analytics side (targeted audiences and data), Bjerks course gives you a fresh, skilled approach to growing your business through Facebook advertising.

Flint Retractable Lint Roller ($8 value):

This small, disguised, retractable lint roller fits in just about any purse or bag pocket and is easy to use in small spaces. When you travel to build or reward yourself for your business, you can never be sure what you are getting yourself into (crumbs, fuzz, dog hair, etc.). Thanks to the worlds first retractable lint roller, you have less to worry about when making first impressions.

Untie Twistable Ribbons by Unplugged Goods ($8 value):

We dare you to count how many small cables you carry with you in your bags and luggage! Nothing is worse than when eight cables turns into one giant mess or your ear buds are unusable without using tweezers to detangle them. The four pack of pastel twistable silicon ribbons keeps those cords in check. They are small enough to hold your ear buds together, and they are large enough to handle a ten-foot smartphone cable. All it takes is a couple of twists!

Work Hard, Play Hard Luggage Tag ($8 value):

As entrepreneurs, its easy to get caught up in work hard, work hard…” Dont forget to have a little fun when youre traveling for business! This durable, stylish luggage tag not only helps you identify your items on the dreaded luggage carousel, but its a great reminder to spend a little time treating yourself to some fun.

Dream Big Sleep Mask ($6 value):

Between sitting next to someone on a redeye who keeps their overhead light on or finding out that your hotel window blinds malfunctioned, its not always easy to get the sleep you need when youre traveling. This silver, cushioned sleep mask makes getting your rest a bit easier and more enjoyable. One of the best parts? The elastic strap that fits around the back of your head is velcro, which makes it comfortable for everyone.

Hanging Cell Phone Holder ($6 value):

Did you know that the bottom of bags and cell phones carry TONS of germs and bacteria? Its easy to plug our devices in and set them on the floor/bench/etc. No more. This small, compact cell phone holder fits around the charging base of your device and holds it away from yucky surfaces. The base is strong enough to hold your device plus your cable, so it keeps everything germ free and clears up counter space. Its also great for holding your watch or activity tracker as it charges.

Charger Keychain ($8 value):

We are in an era where many of us have multiple devices: personal phone, work phone, person tablet, work tabletthe list goes on. This sparkly charger keychain plugs into any USB charging base and can handle charging both your Apple and mini-USB devices simultaneously. Subscribers: this item is the perfect pair with our universal USB power bank from the April 2017 box!


The July box, valued at $207 dollars, was a hit with our subscribers. Our August 2017 Sparkle Hustle Grow box, themed Content is King,pairs wonderfully with contents from the July 2017 box. Not a subscriber? Join today.

Watch this video to see our Founder, Julie Ball, unbox the July contents and give us some insight as to how she uses each product.