Are You Networking The Wrong Way?
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Are You Networking The Wrong Way?

With the boom of social media platforms and the emergence of network marketing as a real career option, understanding how to network with others is no longer an optional skill. Like most skills, it takes practice. There are right and wrong ways to network, and below are some examples of what not to do.

Presenting your business, opportunity, or products without building a relationship.

These days, people tend to purchase items or engage in an opportunity because of the person behind them: “She’s so friendly” or “she is such a good leader” or “she is just so good at what she does.” All of those statements indicate that someone has gotten to know the person behind the business. When you fail to focus on building relationships and simply jump into what you have to offer, it comes off as pushy. The time will come when you can talk about what you do or the awesome opportunity you have. Until then, focus on getting to know people.

Putting people into virtual groups without asking their permission.

If you were walking past a department store and someone flew out of the door, grabbed your arm, and drug you inside, you’d probably scream and call for help. You likely wouldn’t take the response of “I was just inviting you to see what’s in here.” We understand. A Facebook group is almost like a store front when you run your business on social media. However, you will automatically deflate your chances of a good relationship with your potential friends and customers if you add them to groups without asking.


Continually suffering from the “yeah, but…” syndrome.

A friend invites you to a networking event at a local restaurant and even offers you a babysitter. Your response: “Yeah, but I have to work all day.” Your sister tells you she has an extra ticket to a young professionals event. Your response: “Yeah, but I’ve barely had time to even sit down today.” The only way to network is to actually network. Most people who are at events past 6 p.m. have had the same type of day you had! Plus, if you are someone who makes excuses, people may not be very attracted to what you have to offer.


Delayed responses to potential clients, customers, and business partners.

So many of us have so much going on. Several of us are working 9-5 jobs, building a business, taking care of kids, and potentially wrangling pets. Regardless, taking too much time to respond to anyone interested in your business could easily cause you to lose a relationship with person. A good benchmark is 48 hours max. Remember – you are probably not the only one with a great opportunity. Make sure you respond before someone else does!


Focusing on you rather than your potential client or business partner.

Remember – the focus should be what solutions or ideas you can offer someone rather than how someone else’s cooperation can benefit you. Sure, you’d love to have a sale or have a new business partner. However, talking about yourself and how it would be so great for you is a surefire way to lose someone’s attention. Always ask yourself, “how could this benefit who I am talking to?” and go from there.


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