August Box Reveal


What was in the August box?

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Team Blogger

It’s true: content is king, and that was why the theme of the August 2017 Sparkle Hustle Grow box was content! This month, our tribe received tools and training to help them prepare, create, and plan their social content. Check it out! August Sparkle Hustle Grow box

Training: 2017/2018 Content Empire Planner by Haley Dale of Trunked Creative ($27 value).

Most of us have tried many-a-planner, and this is not your average one! Dale has created a printable planner to help entrepreneurs make, set, and execute their content goals and beyond. If you are looking to produce great content that gels with your business goals, the Content Empire Planner is where it’s at. Wasted time, be gone!

Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead By Tara Mohr ($17 value).

When people join forces with you, remember that they see something in you. Mohr helps her readers find and use their authentic voice to seek the fulfilment they desire in their work, business, and personal lives. Mohr is the founder of the Playing Big leadership program for women as well as an expert on leadership, so we are certain she knows a thing or two about helping other women find their true, full potential and producing content that is truly authentic.

“Let’s Do This” Notepad by J. Lynne Designery ($11.95 value).

Repeat after us: “Drink some coffee, throw your hair up, and let’s do this.” Oh wait – our tribe sees this mantra daily on this fashionable notepad! With a header space for the theme and date of your day, this notepad makes creating and tackling a game plan enjoyable. The pages can be used on their own or in conjunction with the Content Empre Planner, because after all, list makers are gon’ list.

Bee Happy Seven Year Pen by Seltzer Goods ($8.95 value).

Ever have an idea strike that you are certain you MUST jot down, only to grab a pen out of your bag that is out of ink? This Seven Year Pen writes 1.7 meters per day for seven years (for real). The perfect compliment to the “Let’s Do This” Notepad and Content Empire Planner, this magical ink pen ensures that your ideas are no longer lost. Plus, it’s yellow – bright colors are much more difficult to misplace!

Lapel Microphone ($12 value).

Background noise is what your listeners don’t want to hear when they’re tuning into your awesome content videos and recordings. The Lapel Mic clips onto your shirt to help your audience to hear you better AND drown out background noise. Sidenote: can we say professional looking? This handy tool fits in computer, iOS, and Android device headphone jacks. We can’t wait to see our tribe kick their video content up a notch with this handy microphone.

Small Accessory Tray by Poppin ($6 value).

Let’s face it: We all have “the pile” on our desk, or in the kitchen, or on our night stand. You know the one. The one that’s a surplus of paper clips, pens, sticky notes, business cards, and beyond. Thanks to Poppin, our tribe has a convenient tray to keep track of these items (and keep them relatively organized!). Many entrepreneurs say that their ideas flourish in a clutter-free space, and we hope this accessory tray helps them do just that. That’s a total of $82.90 – almost $90 – worth of content and business building tools. The best part? Our subscribers paid less than half of that! Watch our Founder, Julie, do an unboxing video where she tells us how she uses each item. In August, our subscribers learned how to create amazing social content, and in September, they will learn how to take it a step further with our “Networking” themed box. Subscribe today!