Get To Know Reina Pomeroy
Reina Pomeroy interview


September 2017 Sparkle Hustle Grow Expert

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Blogger

Meet Reina, a successful life and business coach for #girlbosses just like you! 

Reina PomeroyAs her business evolved (and continues to), Reina has held true to the mission she’s envisioned since day one. “I started my business because I truly believe that there is a way to ‘break the rules’ in our societal norms to live fuller lives. Our mission from the very beginning was to spread the message ‘Life is too damn short not to love every single day.’ Since then, we’ve niched down to helping creatives who are right brained and heart-centered, become more purposeful in reflection and execution so they can make an impact with their work.”

Just as business evolve, so do we! Reina’s work as a life and business coach stemmed from her desire to help others. “I started as a Social Worker and Event Planner. I knew that I wanted to help people by talking to them and helping them to see what they weren’t able to see themselves. My Social Work career led me to coach (and subsequently Coach Training School) and my Event Planning business introduced me to a world of entrepreneurship that I didn’t know existed. Now, I get to mix my two loves of helping my clients who are creative and want to be seen as the go-to expert in their fields.”

Starting a business can be scary. Scary for us, scary for those around us. Sometimes, we don’t receive the support we thought we would. Reina’s advice is to “Create a plan. People don’t want to support you because they’re fearful that you’ll fail. Whether it’s because they’re scared that they’ll disrupt the status quo by making the situation worse or better. By worse, I mean, you might put your family at risk by not being able to pay the bills and that affects your family. By better, I mean, you might become ultra successful and those around you might ‘lose’ a part of you, shaking up the status quo and making them see that they too could be doing something and more fulfilling with THEIR lives.

Either way, make a plan. It’s not on somebody else to help you figure out how to get to where you want to be. If you’re steadfast in your determination to be a success, figure out a way to stand behind it.”

So, what fuels Reina and what makes her proud of the work she is doing? “Every single time my client or a business buddy has a big win in their businesses. Seeing people’s success is SO fulfilling to me”

Despite the wins, business comes with many trials and we sometimes feel like throwing the towel in. Our September guest is not exempt from that, as she explains how she refocuses instead of giving up. “I have this quite frequently. My most recent and visceral time was when I got back from a month away from my business when we had gotten back from a trip to Japan. I got back with a bursting inbox and not many warm leads for new clients. I wondered if anybody wanted to work with me or if I should just throw in the towel and just start writing a new resume (which is my ultimate personal indication that I couldn’t hack it). My biz bestie was cracking up because she asked me if I had told people I had space to take on new clients, to which I had to answer ‘no’ – lesson learned: stop getting in your head and projecting that the world doesn’t want you. Ask for what you need and abundance will meet you.”

We are thrilled to have insider advice, support, and training from Reina in the September Sparkle Hustle Grow box! Looking to get to know Reina more? See below.

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