September Box Reveal
September box reveal


What Was In The September Sparkle Hustle Grow Box?

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Team Blogger

If there is anything we have learned about business, it’s that building relationships is crucial to success. The key to forming and building new relationships is networking, and the September Sparkle Hustle Grow box was full of tools, training, and more to help our tribe do just that.

Sparkle Hustle Grow box

Training: Social Glue Playbook by Reina Pomeroy of Life + Biz Success Coaching, Reina + Co ($37 value).

The Social Glue™ method is all about creating real relationships that potentially turn into business strides. Using the Social Glue™ method, Reina built her coaching business from zero-to-waitlist in six months! We are confident that with her expertise, our #girlbosses can utilize the same techniques to grow their businesses.

How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie ($16 value).

Carnegie’s groundbreaking book as been in print for over 80 years, and it’s easy to understand why: He teaches people to find out what they want and go for it! With a guide to concepts such as nailing first impressions, understanding criticism, and becoming an expert in the art of starting and maintaining conversations, this is an essential read when it comes to networking.

Matching Mousepad and Double Coaster Set ($16 value).

Most of us like to work in a space that is not only beautiful, but inspiring. Each time a member of our tribe grabs the mouse to scroll, she will see the quote “A flower does not think of completing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” The matching coasters for coffee, tea, or pumpkin spiced lattes pulls the look together. Growing a business is fun, but growing it in style is even more fun!

Today + Tomorrow Planner by TF Publishing ($12.99 value).

There are two types of people in this world: Those who list a little, and those who list a lot. Regardless of which type you are, this non-dated agenda is perfect for listing. Add the date, circle the day of the week, and organize your daily tasks and events by morning and evening. Plus, we love the “etc” section for all those random scribbles and notes that pop up.

Custom Necklace by Wristicuffs ($30 value).

A quick dose of inspiration is as easy as looking at your neckline with this custom “She believed she could so she did” pendant. The text that came with this gold-plated brass necklace says it best: “Surround yourself with positivity. Step out of your comfort zone. Always believe in yourself. Let this necklace be a reminder that anything is possible!”

Six FREE Months of Acuity Scheduling (up to $204 value).

What if you had a simple, modern-looking method of booking clients? Thanks to Acuity, “Never ask ‘what time works for you’ again.” Using this system that can be synced with other digital calendars, clients can check your availability, book appointments, pay online, and reschedule. Imagine not having to dedicate so much time to playing phone and message tag. With Acuity, our tribe can focus more on growing their businesses rather than this time-consuming (but very important) administrative task.

We can’t wait to see how our subscribers use what was in the September box to build relationships and their businesses! Ready to join hundreds of subscribers with the #bestbusinessexpenseever? Check out Sparkle Hustle Grow and add a little happy to your hustle.