Three Key Reasons You Should Be Makin’ Moves As An Entrepreneur


Three Key Reasons You Should Be Makin’ Moves As An Entrepreneur

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Team Blogger

Yoga for entrepreneurs

We aren’t referring to networking or online dating – we are talking Yoga! As women in business, it’s so easy to put everyone and everything before someone very important: ourselves. Taking the time out to breathe, focus, rejuvenate, and get some physical activity in during a long day will serve you well in your business and overall health. Here are three reasons why yoga is extremely beneficial to the female entrepreneur.


Moving throughout the day is quite beneficial for your physical health.

Working out for thirty minutes at the end of the day has obvious health benefits, and taking small breaks to get your blood flowing during your work day is also great for your health. How great? An article published in a December issue of the New York Times states that prolonged sedentariness can reduce blood flow to the legs and, as a result, could cause plaque to build up in your arteries.


While we can put peddlers below our desks or work from a treadmill, these solutions are often cumbersome (and may require a change of outfit!). One of our guest experts for the October Sparkle Hustle Grow box will help you discover how yoga can be your solution to the “work day sedentary slump.” Improving health while hustling? We are IN.


Research suggests that yoga helps reduce that all-too-familiar “brain fog.”

We’ve all been there: hour six of our busy day is around the corner and we are still staring at a laptop. Pretty soon, we realize that we’ve accidentally read or typed the same sentence six times in a row…in other words, we have entered the “brain fog.” Deborah Khoshaba, Psy.D, a contributor for Psychology Today, explains that growing research shows that yoga can help sharpen concentration and focus. Performing a couple of yoga poses at or near your desk may just help you escape that “brain fog!”


Physical and mental benefits? Now we are itching to see what our October guest has to offer…


Leaning over a desk or phone can lead to poor posture, and yoga can help you combat poor posture.

If we aren’t slouched over a laptop, we are slouched over a phone! Not only does poor posture cause general aches and pains (stiff muscles, tension headaches), but prolonged poor posture may also cause chronic health issues. According to Prevention Magazine, poor posture can decrease circulation and increase stress among other potential ailments.


By stretching and strengthening through yoga, you will help your posture and could therefore help your health.

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