Copywriting: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It
Copywriting tips


Copywriting tips

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Team Blogger

We’ve all seen the classic joke below that touts how “punctuation can save lives.”

 Punctuation saves lives

Ok, maybe punctuation isn’t life-threatening. However, copywriting has become a life blood for nearly all business owners and marketers. Copywriting skills are versatile enough to apply to journalism, content marketing, brand-building, social media posts, blogs, and more. While it clearly isn’t life-threatening, written content can absolutely attract or repel your audience. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that our December box theme is copywriting led by guest expert Tara Bosler!


So, just how much can copywriting skills affect employers and small business owners?


If you own a small business:

Content has to make sense and attract your audience. Blogs and other methods of content marketing need to be well-written and coherent. Ultimately, content should attract readers to want to know more about your brand or product/service.


If you own a large company:

According to a study published by the National Commission on Writing, businesses spend up to 3.1 million dollars per year on remedial writing training.


If you’re an employee:

The same study indicates that 80% of salaried employees in service industries are expected to write and write well.


If you’re hanging out on social media:

Grammar and content mishaps can become quite the laughing matter on social media, especially when it comes to brands. We want you to be known for your fantastic content, not a typo or poor word choices!


Consider the following: How do you think these areas of copywriting can make or break a brand (feel free to leave a comment on this entry with your thoughts!)?

  • Audience awareness: The writer clearly understands what his/her audience desires (sarcasm, information, etc.)
  • Style: The writer uses a style that is easy to read and understand; the style matches the piece (i.e., a journalism style piece has a different style than a sarcastic piece)
  • Grammar/Punctuation: The piece is free of typos and grammatical errors


And finally, so important that it gets a paragraph instead of a bullet point, the content makes you feel something. Whether the writing creates a desire to learn more about a product/service or conjures up a flood of emotions, well-written content should always “do” something for the reader.


In the month of December, our goal here at Sparkle Hustle Grow is to make sure our subscribers are armed with the tools they need to sharpen their copywriting skills to create a variety of content that falls in line with their brand. Are you ready to make sure your writing matches the amazing business woman that you are? Subscribe to Sparkle Hustle Grow today!