January Theme: Money Blocks & The Money Mindset
Money Mindset


January Theme: Money Mindset

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Team Blogger

Money Mindset

Most of us got into business for a variety of reasons: personal fulfilment, following our dreams, the ability to operate on our schedules, and more. And of course, we hope to make money and to flourish financially, whatever that means for each of us.


Did that last statement make you feel a bit uneasy or anxious? You’re likely not alone. These mental barriers and negative feelings surrounding our desire to make an income as entrepreneurs are known as money blocks. In January, Sparkle Hustle Grow hopes to help members of our tribe identify and resolve money blocks so that they can move forward achieving financial success.


Identifying Your Money Blocks


Money blocks are how we feel about income and earning more of it, so the “blocks” can be different for everyone. Our guest expert for January, Tonya Rineer, will help our subscribers (this can be you!) identify and work through money blocks using her Money Mindset training. In the meantime, here are some common examples to get you thinking about what your money blocks are and where they come from.


Engrained, Common Viewpoints About Money:

We don’t want to take you on a trip down memory lane, but bare with us: There’s a good chance you have grown up hearing negative comments and stories regarding money, and these may affect you more than you realize. Have you ever heard old adages such as “money is the root of all evil” or have been told that in the end, money isn’t what really matters? Like all statements, these hold true only some of the time.


When you’re in a business, though, money matters! It may not be the most important part of why you’re in business, but working hard surely merits financial success and there’s nothing to feel anxious about. Plus, there are plenty of wealthy individuals who have done amazing things with their financial success, such as donating millions to different causes they believe in.


The Belief That You Don’t Deserve Financial Success:

It’s more common than you make think! For many of us, success can be rewarding but oftentimes scary. What if we lose all of our success at some point – then what? What if financial success turns us into someone we don’t even know? What if others make it a point to stop associating with us if we are “too” successful? Here’s another one: What if you use your financial success to do amazing things for you, your family, and others; and what if you become a more giving person than you were before?


Many of us are afraid of what success will do to us in the future. Unfortunately, beliefs as such can subconsciously leave you in a financial rut or monetary turmoil. Our actions are a result of what we think, and if we think that success will ultimately produce negative outcomes, we could easily self-sabotage.


Insisting That Making Money Is Extremely Difficult:

Lack of time to dedicate to running the business. Failure to find competent team members to which you can delegate. Scarce administrative resources and marketing dollars. The list of why making money should be hard goes on and on and on for so many of us. And when it comes down to it, who wants to feel like they’re constantly overworked yet still aren’t generating an income?


Look, we will be honest with you: Running a business is tough and takes a lot of work, but with automation and the fab internet + awesome smart devices, it’s now more efficient than ever to run a high earning business. Heck, tons of our #sparklers work right from their phone! Still, a lot of us insist that running a business that generates income is just too tough for us and that we simply aren’t cut out for it. It’s easy to say “yeah, but that will never be me” when we see other financially successful female entrepreneurs. Heads up: It can totally be you, and we want to help you overcome this and other money blocks.


With expert training on Money Mindset, personal development resources, and other ways to manage time/business/money, January is going to be an awesome month for Sparkle Hustle Grow subscribers. Ready to join? Click here to subscribe or to gift a subscription to a friend (Forbes thinks it’s a great idea!). Onward to financial success!