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What was in the January Box?

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Team Blogger

Let’s cut right to the chase: What better way to begin the year than with a fresh, driven attitude regarding money? Typically a topic that is “off limits,” January’s Sparkle Hustle Grow theme was all about the money mindset for women. From developing an attitude that attracts wealth to overcoming self-sabotaging financial beliefs and habits, the January box was full of tips, training, and goodies to help women harness financial success. Take a look!

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Online Training: Money Vibes, Money Mindset by Tonya Rineer, Money Mindset Maven Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs & founder of the Profit Party ($197 value).

We could explain the objective behind the course, by Tonya herself says it best on her website: “I created this bootcamp as a response to what I’ve seen my clients struggle with– becoming (and maintaining) a vibrational match to the money they desire.” Tonya’s six-week course includes weekly learning material, worksheets, access to an exclusive Facebook support group, and more. In other words, our Sparklers will be taught to form a positive relationship with money and leverage that relationship in their businesses.

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Duffield-Thomas ($16 value).

The basis of the Law of Attraction is that positivity attracts positivity and negativity attracts negativity. Denise takes readers on a journey that not only helps them discover habits and beliefs that keep them from financial success, but also instructs them to attract and manifest their desires for wealth and turn them into a reality. Paired with January’s online training, we expecting business to be boomin’ for our #girlbosses!

Seize the Day: Daily Desktop Calendar by TF Publishing ($14.99 value)..

Beginning the day with positive thoughts usually leads to a day filled with continued positivity and joy. Each day, this colorful calendar provides our subscribers with a positive quote to help them start the day out right. Plus, the dates can be trimmed off the bottom of the quotes to use as small wall-hangings or pick-me-up notes for friends, business partners, and team members once the date has passed.

Inspirational Pencil Set by Sweet Water Decor ($14.99).

Writing, note-taking, and simply holding a pencil in your hand feels even better when the pencils are pretty colors and include words such as “You Got This” on them. Our sparklers are able to keep their positive, motivational thinking up long into the day with this wonderfully colored, inspirational pencil set (plus, who doesn’t like the color combination of pink and gold?).

Lapel Microphone ($12 value).

Background noise is what your listeners don’t want to hear when they’re tuning into your awesome content videos and recordings. The Lapel Mic clips onto your shirt to help your audience to hear you better AND drown out background noise. Sidenote: can we say professional looking? This handy tool fits in computer, iOS, and Android device headphone jacks. We can’t wait to see our tribe kick their video content up a notch with this handy microphone.

Custom Quote Checkbook Cover ($9 value).

Remember – the January box was all about turning money into a something positive: positive spending, positive thoughts about wealth, and of course – positive balances. This brightly-colored checkbook cover that reads the positive mantra, “Abundance flows into my life with ease and grace,” serves as another great way to help our subscribers maintain a positive mindset about money.

Gold Business Card Holder ($8 value).

A clean cut business card signifies professionalism. Who wants to handout bent, tattered business cards? There’s just something about a business card holder that sends the message of “I take care of what’s important to me,” and that’s why our Sparklers are the proud owners of a shiny new holder. Bonus: The holder is magnetic, so the odds of the cards falling over the inside of your purse is very slim!

2 in 1 Stylus/Pen Combo ($4 value).

Trust us; we are going somewhere with this: Your cell phone may carry up to 17,000 bacterial gene copies and is probably ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. Even so, the average American checks his/her phone 47 times per day (TIME)! When you run a business from your phone, that number probably goes up. In other words, the less touching of the phone, the better. Using the stylus feature of this glittery pen combo can not only reduce the amount of times you touch your phone, but also the amount of times your customers touch it to sign. Plus, less fingerprints = a clearer screen. And of course, the alternative pen is handy for signing paper receipts and taking quick notes.

Since January was all about the money mindset, let’s talk smart decisions: a box valued at $263.98 for less than $40. Now THAT is a smart financial move! Join us for next month’s stylish business investment by subscribing to Sparkle Hustle Grow and learn more about how you can use what comes in our boxes by watching founder Julie’s unboxing video below! PS: On more of a budget? Check out our recently released Mini Mailer when choosing your box and plan. 


Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

I’m Carol Gavhane, Owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow. My team and I use this blog to share our favorite business tips, introduce you to thought leaders in our community and to feature products from SHG boxes.

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

I’m Carol Gavhane, Owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow. My team and I use this blog to share our favorite business tips, introduce you to thought leaders in our community and to feature products from SHG boxes.