March Theme: Confidence


March Theme: Confidence

There’s one asset that can make or break a business, job interview, first date, and more. It isn’t something that you can pick up off a shelf at the store, and sometimes, it doesn’t come easily. Once you take hold of it, though, a new world opens up and the possibilities for your business and personal life are endless.

What is it, you ask? CONFIDENCE! Confidence is the backbone of any woman who wants to turn her dreams into reality, and we are excited to help you discover and grow your confidence with the March Sparkle Hustle Grow box.

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Why is confidence so important for women? Take a look at these three astonishing points about confidence to learn more.

1. Confidence correlates with success for many women.

An article in The Atlantic emphasizes the ongoing  “confidence gap.” According to the author, several studies indicate that women feel less self-assured than men, and to succeed, confidence is valued just as much as competence. In other words, confidence matters just as much as academics, workforce training, and other measurable skills. Women are powerful beings, and it’s time that we start embracing that! Developing a strong sense of confidence is almost always essential for women to succeed in business and work.

2. A strong sense of confidence allows women to run their businesses the way they feel fit.

If we feel inadequate, we may be questioning our business decisions: Did I budget enough for this? Was I too hard-toned with what I said to him/her? Should I listen to so-and-so’s advice on my business and go that route instead? Asking questions and thinking critically is a great way to run a business, but doubting yourself is not. Remember that you built your business from the ground up and you know it better than anyone else. If you feel strongly about your decisions, you should stick with them – and a strong sense of confidence will help guide you.

Confidence can help women become stronger leaders.

According to a research study by KPMG, over 50% of female professionals stated that more training on confidence building would help them develop stronger leadership skills (9). If you are a female entrepreneur, you are a leader. You lead your business, your team, your employees, perhaps your community, and more. Leadership comes with a lot of positive recognition, but it also comes with the responsibility to make tough decisions. Confidence is one of the keys to becoming a leader who not only keeps the wheels turning, but can also handle tough situations.


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