Meet Emily Baker
Emily D. Baker, Esq.


April 2018 Sparkle Hustle Grow Expert

By: Courtney Poullas, SHG Blogger

Meet Emily, a water polo enthusiast turned district attorney turned legal and business consulting expert!

Emily D. Baker, Esq.Meet our guest expert for April, Emily D. Baker! Emily runs her own legal and business consulting services gig, and we are thrilled to have her provide some expertise to our Sparklers. Keep reading to learn more about Emily.

Emily began her law career as a district attorney to, in her words, “help people who didn’t have a voice.” While practicing as a DA was rewarding for Emily, she wanted something that would fit in better with her personal and family life. With the belief that legal assistance should be accessible to everyone, Emily created her legal and business consulting services and loves what she does: “I found my ideal clients and love the work I do every day. I get to empower women while helping them protect their businesses. I get to share my life, my experiences and my skills with those who need me, and I couldn’t be happier,” she said.

While it’s clear that Emily has invested her heart and soul into her business, she didn’t always know that law would be her calling. “ I really hadn’t envisioned what I would do beyond playing College Water Polo!”  When she decided to go to law school, she knew she wanted to be a district attorney – and she shocked herself when she left her job as a DA to pursue her consulting business: “I was shocked when I made the decision to quit my job and start consulting it was terrifying and amazing. I am so glad I made the jump because I love my business, I love my clients and I love my life!”

So, how does Emily feel about being an entrepreneur? “Being an entrepreneur is tremendously challenging and rewarding.” Her method of success is to set manageable, small milestones and celebrate those achievements. Her “why” plays a large role in her success, as well: “Focusing on the life you want and the reason you started your business will keep you going,” said said (#sotrue!).

Providing legal assistance to others has proven to be a rewarding, flourishing career for Emily. While she has several defining moments in her career from working with her clients, the most defining moment comes from one of her children. “…the proudest moment in my business is when my 9-year-old explained to his teacher that I would be at a school event because I own my company and I can come to school now. For years I always had court in the morning and missed a lot of those events. Being there for the little things, and knowing that my kids see it….it’s the best.”

We are thrilled to have Emily join our #tribe in April! To learn more about Emily:

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