National Small Business Week + Giveaway


At Sparkle Hustle Grow, we celebrate your accomplishments on the daily. During National Small Business Week (NSBW), the rest of the country joins in! Starting April 29 – May 5, the Small Business Association will recognize wonderful and outstanding entrepreneurs just like you. Not only are there a wealth of resources (including a FREE 3-day conference) provided by the Small Business Association, but the team here at Sparkle Hustle Grow is raffling off a three month subscription!

Before you register to win, here are just a few reasons why we celebrate entrepreneurs and have chosen to raffle three months of the #bestbusinessexpensveever:

You dream big. Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of dreams that seem “too big” or “out of their league.” We are special breed. When someone says “you’re crazy for even thinking of that idea,” it’s more of a reason for us to run with it. Cheers to big dreams!

You hustle hard. When the rest of your friends are out for the night or spend weekends enjoying free time, you are most likely building your business. Entrepreneurs understand that starting a business doesn’t mean you break free from the 40 hour work week – it means you take on double the hours in its place to build something of your own! In other words, the #hustle is real.

You take risks. Fronting money for your business when you may not have too much of it to begin with? Risk. Asking investors to put money into your idea when you aren’t sure how it’s going to go? RISK! But entrepreneurs understand that risks can carry a fantastic return-on-investment.

We are sure there is a lot more, but we’ll let you get to our three-month Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription contest*!

RULES: Contest runs April 23, 2018 10 a.m. eastern time through May 4, 2018 10 p.m. eastern time. One winner only will be announced on May 5, 2018. Earn one entry by registering (via email) using this link: *link removed- contest over. Earn three entries for every friend you refer! Enter today so we can celebrate YOU, entrepreneur!

*Contest is independent and is not associated directly with the Small Business Association