How to Prep for your Website Photoshoot
How to Prep for your Website Photoshoot

How to Prep for your Website Photoshoot

Imagery can make or break a website. 

There is no doubt about it. You can use the same template to make completely different websites and the one with the better images will win every. single. time. Now, our Graphic Designer, Carmen, can make some magic with stock images but when it comes down to it, we always recommend your own personal professional photographs to really bring your website to life. It’s a chance for you to shine, #GirlBoss! People want to see the real you.

So, I sat down over breakfast with Becca Bond, our Photographer, and asked her how to prepare for a photoshoot. We usually only need about an hour for a standard photoshoot, so a little planning can go a long way. Below you will find our tips to help prepare…and lighten up, this is going to be so much fun!!

  • What is your brand? Try to keep the “mood” of your brand in mind when choosing outfits and location. If you don’t have a mood board or a brand board, just talk to Carmen and she can help you out. But knowing your brand prior to the shoot can ensure that we get exactly what we need.
  • What is your personality? We want you to feel comfortable during your photoshoot so your true personality can come through in your photographs. Think about your “sweet spot” and where you find it. If your sweet spot is working in spreadsheets, let’s get some pics of it! If your sweet spot is watercolor painting, let’s get some pictures of it. These personality pictures are great for your About page and on social media.
  • Check the competition. What kind of photographs do they use?
  • Pick a location. This can vary based off what you do and where you do your work. Home office, studio, restaurant. Many times, we can shoot at public places if we have advance notice to speak with their management.
  • Plan your wardrobe. Pick our 2-3 outfits in advance and lay them out from head to toe. Try to keep them in the same color family as your brand to make your end design more cohesive. Raid your closet, your best friend’s closet, go shopping or use Rent the Runway. Whatever it takes to find some outfits that represent you, your style and that make you feel confident. You may choose to change up your hair with different outfits and that’s okay, but remember, the more time you spend changing, the less time we spend shooting.
  • Come up with a shot list. No, we aren’t planning on taking shots (unless you need to loosen up) but rather we need a list of some of the images you want and need. Think about your design, if you’ll need white space for text overlays, product or scenery shots, etc. This is your chance to get amazing imagery, so make your list! Here are a few examples:
    • Horizontal picture of me for the homepage. Including white space so we can add text.
    • Picture of my laptop with my favorite mug
    • Picture of my hands typing
    • Vertical full length picture of me
    • Basic head shot
    • Picture of me mixing ingredients for my skin care product
    • Product picture from front and right angle

You get the point. Think about what imagery you may want for your Instagram account or a landing page. Think outside of the box to include accessories, workspaces and you making gestures like pointing (good for directing attention to a call to action button).

  • Prepare your body. If you need a close-up picture of your hands (typing, holding something, etc.), get your nails done and use lotion for a few days in advance. A photoshoot is a reason to pamper yourself!
  • Have a hair and makeup plan. If you aren’t comfortable doing your own hair and makeup, ask a friend or your stylist to come over. We can make some recommendations if you need a hair & makeup gal.
  • Prepare your scenery. If you are doing your photoshoot at your own office, get that desk cleaned up! Move away clutter, unneeded items and create “whitespace.”  Becca will help you but it’s best to prepare in advance. She may remove wall images temporarily to create a clean background, too.
  • Get in the right mindset. This supposed to be fine so lighten up! We want to see your true personality shining through. Becca will coach you along the way, incorporating movement, music and even a glass of wine if you need it. But no red wine because that might stain your teeth!


Authentic smiles are the best – they are better than any makeup. So be you!