Video Marketing for a Female Audience
Video Marketing for a female audience

Video Marketing for a Female Audience

We’ve been talking about Video Marketing a lot lately so we wanted to share one of our FAVORITE videos that is targeted to a female audience. Organic Balance is promoting an organic breakfast drink by appealing directly to the busy working girl. The problem – we’re busy to make and eat breakfast. The solution – a healthy breakfast in a bottle. Watch the video below then read on for our top 3 reasons why this video is brilliant!


Top 3 Reasons Why This Video Just WORKS

  1. It’s relatable  – Girl, it’s like they KNOW me! I am one of those ladies and all of those ladies at the same time. So now I’m paying attention.
  2. Humor – By using humor, your audience is more likely to be engaged. Let’s face it, I laughed out loud with the tongue-in-cheek “perfection” references. “Like women in most commercials, I like to start my day doing yoga in my underwear.”
  3. It’s non-salesy – You don’t even feel like you are being “pitched” a product until the very end. And by then, I’m game to hear what you have to say since I’m emotionally connected.

They really did a great job on this video, showing the real side of what it’s like to be a career woman and throwing all those perfection notions out the window, where they belong! They even went on to create a website to further promote the product, which of course I visited, took their quiz and got the coupon. One more step (buy my organic breakfast in a bottle) and I’m their dream customer. I fell DEEP down their well thought-out and fun sales funnel. And I’m okay with that, because I don’t even feel like I was being sold to.

And yes, I think dry shampoo is one of the greatest inventions of the 20 the century! (0:40 mark in the video if you missed it!)