Side Hustles and Support for your Sub Box Business
Side hustles and support for your business

Side Hustles and Support for your Sub Box Business

When I launched Sparkle Hustle Grow, it was just a side hustle. Yes, you read that right. It was a side hustle. I was running an all-female website design and development service when I started looking into what it takes to run a subscription box business. Listen to my story on the Creative Empire Podcast where we talk about all things subscription boxes, building a community, what it takes to run a sub box business and where you can get support.

Main takeaways:

  • How she went from running a design business to Sparkle Hustle Grow [0:01:19]

  • Where to start with a product shop [0:04:03]

  • What her advice is to start [0:09:05]

  • How to validate things in your business [0:12:03]

  • What you can find in the Sparkle Hustle Grow box [0:13:52]

  • What the Subscription Box Bootcamp is [0:22:38]

  • What success stories Julie has seen with her subscribers [0:25:07]

  • How much you can learn from mistakes made [0:27:08]

  • How to balance both businesses [0:32:03]

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