4 Year Anniversary – Then vs Now

#045 – We are celebrating Sparkle Hustle Grow‘s four year anniversary this month. We have sold over $2.35 million in revenue and shipped over 43,000 packages. We are excited and we are grateful.

Some of you may still be in the idea stage or in just launched stage and we want to encourage you because where we’re at now, we were not at four years ago. If we can do it, you can do it too with a gentle reminder that you can never, ever compare your day one to someone else’s one hundred.

In this episode, Julie takes us to a trip down memory lane and breaks down Sparkle Hustle Grow then and now in different areas of the business, from shipping less than 50 boxes a month to just under 1500 boxes.


  • Capping subscribers by intention (00:02:14)
  • Email software (00:03:47)
  • Product sourcing and box curation (00:05:00)
  • Fulfillment (00:07:39)
  • Marketing (00:11:49)
  • The team (00:14:44)


Sparkle Hustle Grow
12 grid cube shelf for planning
Catering shelf

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