Women’s Business Spotlight: Sondra Diggs

We are surrounded by amazing women doing amazing things. We want to highlight some of the incredible female entrepreneurs we know in this blog series: Women’s Business Spotlight. Today, we are talking to Sondra Diggs.

Sondra Diggs is a girlfriend relationship advocate, creator of Girlfriend Therapy in a Box and owner of Glitter Me This & Co. Sondra promotes the benefits of investing in strong female friendships, the ones that pick you up, dust you off and get you back in the game and makes this possible through her proven S.M.I.L.E method, leaving women with more joy, sparkles and less anxiety.

Her creation of Girlfriend Therapy in A Box by Glitter Me This & Co. is a personalized, sparkling keepsake gift box that captures the very essence of having her girls by her side to help celebrate and get through life’s up and downs at a moments’ notice when you can’t be there in person. The box is designed to make her sparkle, move, indulge, laugh and exhale, but most of all smile.

Through her 25 years as a CPA and corporate CFO, she redefined this standard leadership image by bringing sparkling energy into boardrooms while hosting countless theme events enabling women to leave their worries at the door.

Why did you start your business?

As a divorced mom of two teenage girls, care-taker of aging parents, a CPA and a corporate CFO of multi-million dollar international company, life felt like I lived in a constant batting cage. I didn’t know if the next ball would be in the shape of a sour lemon or a sweet peach. Top that with a type A perfectionist personality and it left me nothing short of exhausted and crying in the closet. I started to realize the only time I was truly happy is when I was hosting a get together with my girlfriends. The planning process alone was my prescription to control anxiety. I escaped into the details and the ultimate high came when I looked around the room at women from all backgrounds, cultures and areas of life chatting, eating, drinking and laughing at stories shared. As they walked out the door I felt renewed, restored and ready for my daily reality. I loved it so much that I wanted to box up that feeling and share it with the world. When I turned 50 this past year the a ha moment came and I vowed to do what I am passionate about, so I hung up my calculator and took a leap of faith.

What makes you stand out in your industry? Why?

What woman, at some point in her life, hasn’t loved glitter, or had anxiety, and needed her girlfriends? I found a way to lessen anxiety and combine glitter and girlfriends with Girlfriend Therapy in a Box. As I researched I didn’t find anything that was this personal, targeted to the ups and downs of the Genx women, and sparkling.

What do you love most about your business and why?

I absolutely love knowing that I have created a gift that without a doubt will bring a smile to a girlfriend who didn’t expect it. That the box will leave a lasting impression of thoughtfulness, kindness, and bling. That everytime she looks at the box she will remember to SMILE and will remember she has a tribe just a call away. Girlfriends need to be nurtured and helping the busy women do this at a few clicks yet it feel and show up with handwritten sentiments means I have touched the hearts of someone who needed it.

What are your top three tips in your zone of genius?

Show up for your girlfriends, because you will absolutely need them one day.
Spend time with your girlfriends because it is scientifically proven to boost your health and mental state of mind in so many ways.
Spread kindness and uplift all women because you may just save someone’s life without knowing it.

If you could only use one office supply for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Notepad. I can’t remember anything that hasn’t been written down.

What is one thing you do daily to help you have success in your business?

Remind myself of the younger fearless me – I literally stop and think about this everyday.

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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