Ouch That Hurt: 5 Tips to Overcome Bad Reviews

#048 – As subscription box business owners, we always want to delight our subscribers. We want them to feel excited and have a good experience when they open their box. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, we have disappointed customers and we get bad reviews.  It comes with the territory, no matter what type of business you run.

In this episode, Julie gets a little bit personal talking about bad reviews. She’s going to walk us through her recent experience getting bad reviews and give us 5 tips on how to overcome them.


  • Knowing your ideal target audience (00:02:05)
  • Your mission (00:03:25)
  • Tip No. 1: Evaluate. Is there substance? (00:05:20)
  • Tip No. 2: Communicate (00:05:59)
  • Tip No. 3: Learn and Pivot (00:07:10)
  • Tip No. 4: Create a love note folder (00:09:16)
  • Tip No. 5: Practice self-care (00:10:52)

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