Sparkler Features: Nightingale Ngo

We are surrounded by amazing women doing amazing things. We want to highlight some of the incredible female entrepreneurs we know in this blog series: Sparkler Features. Today, we are talking to Nightingale Ngo of Nightingale Ngo Piano Studio.

Nightingale Ngo is a pianist, organist, mezzo-soprano, and musicologist. For over 20 years, she has had her own piano and voice studio based in Miami, FL. Whether lessons are online or in-person, she strives to bring beauty into the world through music by providing a holistic music education to her students, incorporating music theory, composition, and music history into piano and voice lessons.

A native of the Philippines, Nightingale started piano studies at the age of 3 when she began picking out tunes by ear. Her mother was her first piano teacher. Nightingale has since studied piano and organ at Texas Christian University and holds a Master of Music in Musicology from the University of Miami. She also holds certification in piano through the Music Teachers National Association and Online Music Teaching certification through Teach Music Online. Alongside her love of music is a love of films. Nightingale also holds an undergraduate degree in Radio-TV-Film and a Master of Arts in Film Studies. Through online piano and voice lessons, she has merged these two fields together.

Excited to incorporate technology into piano lessons, her studio is mainly online, reaching students beyond her city of Miami. As chairperson of the local National Federation of Music festival, Nightingale spearheaded the event in her district as an all-online event to allow students the opportunity to perform during the pandemic.

Nightingale also serves in the music department at her church, where she coordinated and edited virtual choirs so the music never stopped during the pandemic. Seeing the successes of her students, the endless possibilities with online performances, Nightingale continues to seek new ways to use technology to reach more students through online group classes and communities.

Tell us about your business, specifically who you serve and what problem you solve.

I have a piano and voice studio. Lessons are mainly online and I teach students of all levels and ages (from the young to the young at heart). Studio events, such as recitals are also online – both live on Zoom and video recitals as YouTube premieres. By incorporating technology into lessons and recitals, I have found that students are more focused during lessons, we have even more creative options with online video recitals, and the end result is the students progress at a much faster rate than in-person lessons.

Teach our audience something by sharing tips from your zone of genius.

Have you been thinking about taking music lessons? With online lessons, you can easily learn, whether it’s piano, singing, guitar, or any other instrument!

Here are 3 things why online lessons work as well (or better!) than in-person:

  1. Convenience – lessons from the comfort of your own home! No more fighting traffic (a huge deal in Miami, where I live)!
  2. Find the best teacher for you, regardless of location. It doesn’t matter where you live or where the teacher you want to study lives. If they’re providing online lessons, you can be their student!
  3. Focus. In my studio, I’ve noticed that online lessons means students have to listen more intently, helping them with focus and concentration. That translates into better practicing during the week, resulting in students progressing faster.

Why did you join Sparkle Hustle Grow?

Ideas, community, fun products that I use daily in my business. And, really, who can resist that pink box? I’m honored to have been with SHG since its inception. It has helped my business in so many ways – from ideas in the trainings to physical products that I use everyday.

What is your favorite thing about Sparkle Hustle Grow?

The community, especially the Happy Hours


Website: https://nightingalengo.com

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