5 Podcasts I am Loving Right Now

5 Podcasts I am Loving Right Now by Danielle Lively

Danielle Lively Neal is a former professor turned entrepreneur who provides brand strategy consulting, career coaching and marketing services for clients.

If you have a long commute like I do, or if you are in need of some great business building and motivating podcasts to listen to while you run errands and clean and do all the to-dos of life, then these are the top 5 podcasts for you!

1) The Marie Forleo Podcast (Marie Forleo): Marie is the bomb and hilarious to boot! She is one of the very first of what we would consider to be an online modern influencer offering exceptional value just from sharing her skills and business knowledge online and building all of it from scratch.  In my opinion Marie’s specialty is how to write copy that converts and how to use copy to connect with your audience better. Bottom Line: This podcast is for you if you want someone who will keep it real and show you how to run a business from the ground up and write copy like a champ!  (Side note: If cussing offends you, this is not the podcast for you…it’s not vulgar by any means, but she does drop cuss words here and there.)

2) Goal Digger Podcast (Jenna Kutcher) – Listening to Jenna is like talking to a friend who listens and gives amazing advice. She is super relatable and she offers tangible marketing and email list building tips. She also has a unique take on using Pinterest for her marketing that I found to be quite helpful. Bottom line: This podcast is for you if you are trying to form better connections with your online audience and increase their engagement along with tangible marketing tips for all social media platforms.

3) Subscription Box Basics Podcast (Julie Ball) Julie is like the friend you would want to go on a long car ride with and would never have a dull moment the entire way! This podcast is just what the title describes, it will help you build a subscription box membership from the ground up, including sourcing the items for your box, packaging for your boxes, shipping, online engagement and much more. Bottom Line: This podcast is for you if you want to start a subscription box and have no idea how to start or if you have a subscription box and need ideas and encouragement on different elements of the process.

4) Online Marketing Made Easy (Amy Porterfield) – Although Amy’s podcast is called online marketing made easy and she does offer some amazing marketing tips, I have found her podcast to be most useful for learning how to create an online course that helps you scale your business. Obviously, this involves marketing, but she takes you through all sorts of different steps in the process from list-building, to marketing, to tech and course platforms and setting up the structure of your course. She also offers various challenges throughout the year to increase your list building skills. Bottom line: This podcast is for you if you need help creating an online course or if you need to work on your email list building.

5) The Morgan Harper Nichols Podcast (Morgan Harper Nichols) – This podcast is a bit different from the others. Morgan’s podcast is short, sweet and to the point and so incredibly inspirational! She also has a very soothing and calming voice. Somehow Morgan knows how to speak to my soul and the feelings we all have deep down, our insecurities, our fears, our desires, and our hopes and dreams. Her daily podcast is only about 3-5 minutes but it would be a great podcast to journal to, as she has journal prompts at the end, or as just a quick motivational start to your day. She simply speaks in a way that encourages your soul even if you aren’t feeling in touch with your greatness at the moment. Bottom line: This podcast is for you if you like to journal and need thoughtful prompts or if you need encouraging words and motivational tips in your life.

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