Sparkler Features: Stephanie Desaulniers
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We are surrounded by amazing women doing amazing things. We want to highlight some of the incredible female entrepreneurs we know in this blog series: Sparkler Features. Today, we are talking to Stephanie Desaulniers of Business By Dezign.

Stephanie Desaulniers is a small business strategist and online educator who teaches people how to create a product-based business they love, without having to take time away from their families. She’s helped hundreds of small businesses identify ways to reduce costs, increase sales, and plan for growth year after year. She has appeared on PALive! And Business News Daily. A graduate of Miami University, Stephanie majored in geology. Before starting her own business, she worked as an environmental scientist, a small business owner, and the Director of Operations at an entrepreneurial resource center. She lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and their family dog.

Why did you start your business?

To help other makers who were struggling to even reach that first milestone – there is so much out there for hitting six figures, but not enough helping people make the jump from $0-$50,000. This is the period where foundations for the future are built, and where support is most needed.

What makes you stand out in your industry? Why?

I only work with businesses that are making less than $50,000 in revenue annually. These are people who are hungry for growth, but are so stuck, they don’t know what to do next. Additionally, I leverage a background of running my own handmade business, my stint as a college professor, and time as a consultant at an entrepreneur center to develop a unique program.

What do you love most about your business and why?

I love the people I work with – they are so passionate about what they create, and seeing their faces light up as they discover how to share it with more and more people is just amazing.

What are your top three tips in your zone of genius?

Send more emails. Just do it.
Make a plan. You may grow without one, but it will be slow and frustrating.
Every mistake is a chance to learn a lesson, and adapt.

If you could only use one office supply for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Fancy pens. I love pens! All kinds of pens!

What is one thing you do daily to help you have success in your business?

I work on my mindset – what my goals are, my money blocks, and gratitude for all that I have.

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