Sparkler Features: Kristina Bostley

We are surrounded by amazing women doing amazing things. We want to highlight some of the incredible female entrepreneurs we know in this blog series: Sparkler Features. Today, we are talking to Kristina Bostley of Busy Minds Box.

Hi! I’m Kristina, a gerontologist and caregiver with lots of personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Tell us about your business, specifically who you serve and what problem you solve.

Busy Minds Boxes are monthly subscription boxes designed to provide activities for older adults who want to keep their minds active. For those with memory problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia, or those who can’t drive anymore, or those who just have that itch to keep busy, Busy Minds Boxes provide hours of entertainment! Each month features a different theme and comes with an assortment of arts and crafts, puzzles, games, sensory items, and even a Memory Jogger to help relive the past.

Teach our audience something by sharing tips from your zone of genius.

Short, fun activities can help to break up the day, give a sense of purpose, and fight against symptoms like depression and anxiety that often affect older adults. Just like physical exercise, activities that engage the brain (especially those where we learn something new) help to exercise the brain, too. Some research shows that exercising the brain can keep it healthier for longer, so those with dementia may not progress as fast if they’re exercise their brains regularly. And exercising the brain may be one way to reduce your risk of developing dementia in the first place.

Why did you join Sparkle Hustle Grow?

Truthfully, I wanted to see how it all worked from the inside. I’d listened to a few podcasts and read some of the freebies, and it was super helpful but I still had trouble wrapping my head around some of the concepts. I decided I needed to be part of it to really understand the process.

What is your favorite thing about Sparkle Hustle Grow?

The community! It’s tough starting something on your own, and I’m usually a “do it yourself” kind of gal. I thought I’d join for a month, see how it worked, and then cancel. But I’ve connected with so many amazing humans who are willing to share both failures and successes, and it’s inspiring to be part of it all!


Website: https://www.busymindsbox.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/busymindsbox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/busymindsbox


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