Fun and Easy Personal Development Book Recommendations for Women Business Owners

 Attention Management by Maura Nevel Thomas

This book will change the way you look at productivity and getting stuff done. Through a concept called “attention management” Thomas gives you specific strategies and exercises that create actual productivity instead of a life of reaction and distraction. So many of us are just running from one place to another or thinking we are so fabulous with our multitasking when in reality, everything may get done, but not well. Her exercises will help you change that and make you feel more fulfilled doing it. One quote I loved that captured the essence of this book, “Attention management is the antidote for the increasingly dysfunctional and unsustainable way we work and live. In a world that’s getting more frenetic and reactive, you can take a stand for thoughtfulness, for balance, and for meaningful work” 

 Create Your Yes! By Angela Marie Hutchinson

In this book, Hutchinson gives you a 12-step approach to push past the “no’s” in your life and turn them into an unequivocal “yes!” She shows you how to take rejection and turn it into push you need to move higher and farther than you ever dreamed you would be able to. She also helps you unlock the potential “why’s” behind the “no” which can give you great feedback on how to move forward successfully. The quote I loved, “I guarantee there are opportunities behind closed doors that appear locked. After you lean in, push your creative boundaries and forge ahead. Waiting on a yes is counterproductive when your yes is waiting for you to create it.” Go create your “yes’s” ladies! 

Dot Journaling: The Set by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

You wouldn’t expect to find this book in a blog about the best personal development books I have come across, however, I have always wondered what the deal was with dot journaling and even though I had read about it, never really understood it until this book. After reading this I was able to easily put the dot journaling into practice in my own life and absolutely loved it! The book shows you how to be productive AND creative in organizing and expressing yourself through the dot journal method and it also allows you to get everything you need into one book by having an index and designed in a way that lets you work at your best. That is what sold me. This book will help you stay more organized and offers a better way of understanding who you are and the world around you because you can look back on all your moments and even include fun scrapbook-like items that make you smile. The best quote that tells you why I love it? “Dot journaling is an amazing way of recording everything that matters to you and keeping your life together both figuratively and literally.” 

 In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from Over 100 Makers, Artists and Entrepreneurs by Grace Bonney

This book is as inspirational as it is useful. It is chock full of advice from female entrepreneurs from every walk of life and a multitude of different creative directions and professions. It’s a mix of women who have already made it and are hugely successful and those who are still on their way amid the hustle and grind. They interview each woman and ask questions like “What’s the best piece of business advice you ever received?” and “What’s one piece of advice you took or didn’t take and why?” It was so hard to pick just ONE great quote from this book because there are tons of gems in here, yet one more reason to read it! I think Jodie Patterson captured what I needed to hear most right now, “My best asset can never be measured, copied, or calculated – it’s my mojo. I always lay that on the table first.” Make sure you do you! 

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell by Paul Smith

You have probably heard or even experienced that the best public speakers are those who incorporate stories into their talks to help people relate to them. Ensuring that you can tell stories that resonate meaningfully with others is critical. Brands that have a great story behind them are more memorable. You want to be able to share your business and brand and personal story in such a way that people see themselves reflected in them and in a way that encourages and connects them to you. Smith shows you the 10 great stories you need to develop for yourself, not in a dishonest way to get people to follow you, but in a way that is true to yourself and connects you to others because if it is untrue it won’t resonate with others. We all have these stories inside of us and with the exercises in this book you will be able to pull them out and learn how to use them to be a more effective leader and to inspire others in business and life. He also has a great workbook you can purchase separately that I loved! Best thought from the book, “A vision is a picture of the future so compelling people want to go there with you.”

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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