Top Tech Gadgets for Female Entrepreneurs

These are some of my favorite tech gadgets from the Sparkle Hustle Grow boxes that you will find are as beautiful as they are functional and would be an amazing addition to any female entrepreneur’s desk or on the go!

  1. There is nothing worse than being without a charge, especially as a female entrepreneur when so much depends on being able to access things on the go with your phone! This rose gold charger will fully charge your phone and is beautiful enough and small enough to keep out or slip into a pocket or bag. So you will always have a charge no matter where you go! I have personally found that it charges my iPhone fully, several times over before I have to plug it in to recharge itself and gives it 100% charge each time.
  2. There is so much to love about technology, but also so many cords that go along with that. There is also nothing worse than a desk or a bag jumbled with cords knotted up mixed among everything else. For your desk, these cord catchers work wonders to hold your cords in place so they don’t slide off the desk or get tangled amongst themselves.  There is a 4 -slot version and a 3-slot version. (Side note: Get yourself a small label maker! I use this unfailingly to label all my cords so when I have a whole bunch together or a bag of leftover cords from phones and kids gadgets, then I always know what it goes to and I am never having to unplug five different things before figuring out which cord is the right one to unplug!)  Outshining the functional cord catchers, however, is this marble cord case. Yet another product that is as functional as it is beautiful! I love that it has multiple pockets inside to separate various types and styles of cords and Velcro’s closed. You could also easily fit a phone inside of it along with the charging cord and slip that in your bag where it will be protected because of the cushioning material of the case.
  3. One of my absolute favorite products that has been uber-useful has been the “Work Hard, Play Hard” wooden phone stand. First, this stand is beautiful! It’s bright with fun colors and could literally be a piece of art to decorate a shelf! (That’s what I thought it was at first actually.) It is wooden and sturdy and at the base of the stand, there is a cut out so you can sit your phone upright and charge it at the same time. I am a Popsocket girl so most of these stands aren’t wide enough to hold my iPhone in its case with the Popsocket attached, but this one does! It’s definitely functional and also just looks great hanging out on the desk!
  4. Unfortunately, the apartment where I live gets a lot of road traffic noise and my iPhone tends to pick it ALL up when I want to record something, which doesn’t make videos come out very nice. Instead, I use this lavalier mic that comes in a little pouch that can go anywhere. It also comes with various different microphone toppers to give you the desired sound and comfort you desire. I just clip it to my shirt and go. It works right away with any device that you can plug headphones into, but it can also work with iPhones and other models with a simple, inexpensive adaptor. Its noise-canceling capabilities really help me cut out all that extra noise so my voice sounds very clear and it is super easy to set up!
  5. Last, but not least, is this white and gold desk calculator. I would say it is almost too pretty to use, but it’s too useful NOT to use either! It’s sleek and elegant and is yet another product that looks nice enough to keep out on your desk. As I get older, the big numbers and buttons are a must and it would also be good for anyone with larger fingers because the keys are plenty big.

Make sure you check out the store for even more great tech options because they will make great gifts for any female entrepreneur for the holidays or any day!

Danielle Lively Neal is a former professor turned entrepreneur who provides brand strategy consulting, career coaching, and marketing services for clients.

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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