Too many books? Here’s what to do with them.
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This one’s for all of our long-time Sparklers – we love you! A lot of you are amazing readers, but sometimes it’s hard to read a business book each and every month. After all, we’ve all got work to do, right? So what do you do when you have too many books? Good news – there are a lot of ways to ensure your business books find new homes and continue to inspire others.

Before you dive into decluttering, take a moment to assess your business book collection. Consider which books have made a significant impact on your professional journey, and which ones you no longer resonate with. Then, take a minute to seriously consider the ones you haven’t read yet – will you definitely make time to read them, is there just one chapter you could read before passing it on, or will you honestly never read it? This will help you identify the books you genuinely want to keep and those that can be released right away or soon-ish.

Passing on knowledge is a wonderful way to make a positive impact and help other members of the female entrepreneur community. Here are some ways you can share your excess business books with others:

1) Gift to friends and colleagues: Consider sharing your books with friends, colleagues, or mentees who may benefit from the knowledge within them. We’re all part of the entrepreneurial community and we’re certain you know other entrepreneurs in your area who could use some free education. It’s a great way to foster connections, spark discussions, and support personal growth in your social and professional circles.

2) Donate to libraries and schools: Local libraries and educational institutions are always grateful for book donations. Contact your nearby libraries or schools to find out if they accept business book donations, and offer your collection to help inspire future entrepreneurs and professionals.

3) Give or sell to local bookstores: Supporting local businesses and contributing to your community is always a rewarding endeavor. Visit your nearby secondhand bookstores or independent shops that accept used books. Many of these establishments are happy to add business books to their inventory, providing an opportunity for others in the area to discover and learn from them. Plus, if you can get a few bucks for your books, it’s free revenue!

4) Put it in the nearest little free library: You’d be surprised how many people make use of these cute and wonderful little stations! Most of the books in here are outdated fiction, so imagine how delighted someone looking for something useful would be to find a new-ish book about business!

As you declutter your space and bid farewell to your excess business books, remember that parting with them doesn’t mean losing the knowledge and inspiration they contain. By donating, sharing, selling, or repurposing your books, you can pass on their wisdom to others who can benefit from them. Embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact and create a space that reflects your evolving interests and aspirations. Happy decluttering!

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Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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