My Top 5 Office Items of All Time
My Top 5 Office Items blog post by Sparkle Hustle Grow
Over the years, we’ve sent out a ton of different office items – from pens and pencils to calculators and selfie sticks. There are so many that are fun to have, and so many that are fun to use every day. In fact, I like what we put in our boxes so much, I use a bunch of different products daily in my own office. In no particular order, here are my top 5:
Quarterly Wall Planner by Sparkle Hustle Grow

Quarterly Wall Planner

I’m a visual person – if it’s not written down or in front of my face, it doesn’t exist. That’s why I live and die by both digital and wall calendars. This SHG Quarterly Wall Planner will always have a place on my wall, and in my heart. It’s huge so I can see the next 3 months ahead, and I absolutely love to see what’s coming up next – deadlines, live events, summer camps for my kids, and everything else that fills up my day. Get our quarterly wall planner here.

Sparkle Hustle Grow Unlock Your Courage Pen as a top 5 item

Sparkle Pen

This pen is amazing. In our private subscribers-only group, we’ve heard from quite a few Sparklers that this is the best pen ever to write with – thanks for the kind words! An extra bonus: “Unlock Your Courage” is etched in so you always have that reminder to be the bravest entrepreneur out there. Grab your new favorite pen here.

Organizer Tray by Sparkle Hustle Grow

Organizer Tray

This tray is life. A beautiful way to keep your desk (slightly) organized! It’s in a gorgeous faux leather embossed with the words “She Builds”. Mine is overflowing and I’ve stacked two on top of each other. Pick one up here.

3-Port Charging Cable by Sparkle Hustle Grow

3-Port Charging Cable

Not only do I charge my phone and earbuds at home on this one cable, but I take it with me in the car and on flights. It’s beyond awesome to be able to just bring the one cable. Plus it comes in its own pink bag, so I can easily spot it in my purse or carry-on mess. Power up your charging here.

Modern Book Light by Sparkle Hustle Grow

Modern Book Light

I’ve had many late night reading marathons, while my husband/business partner is trying to sleep, to evaluate potential books for our monthly boxes. That’s why this modern book light is so up my alley, and his, too. It’s USB rechargeable and dimmable with three levels of brightness. Get your new reading buddy here.


What’s your favorite office supply item? Message us via email or social to let us know! We promise a real person is going to read it and if we get enough responses, we just might make a social post out of it and tag you.

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Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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