What to do with all your extra office supplies
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As businesses and professionals, we often find ourselves with surplus office supplies that are no longer needed, especially when you get so many amazingly fun ones from Sparkle Hustle Grow! Rather than letting these items gather dust in a file cabinet or desk drawer, why not consider donating them to organizations that can put them to good use? 

1) Nonprofit organizations – These fantastically-helpful groups often operate on limited budgets, which can restrict their ability to purchase essential office supplies. By donating surplus items such as notepads, binders, and pens, you can help these organizations allocate their funds toward their core missions and programs, ultimately increasing their impact.

2) Schools and educational institutions – If you’re a parent, you know full well that teachers are always in need of office supplies. Consider donating items like fun pens, highlighters, and cute little notebooks. These supplies can equip teachers for everyday use or students for fun projects, enabling a more conducive learning environment and reducing additional requests from teachers for more parent-purchased supplies.

3) Community centers and libraries – These places serve as gathering places for people of all ages. They require various office supplies to support their administrative functions, especially things for organization like labels or stickers and paper products like post-its. Your donation can contribute to the smooth operation of these community hubs and enhance the services they provide. 

4) Your local small businesses group – As we’re sure you well know, small businesses and startups frequently operate with tight budgets, especially in their early stages. They often take advantage of advice and free support from local small business groups. By donating excess office supplies such as desk accessories, whiteboards, markers, and storage solutions, you can provide these entrepreneurs with essential tools to foster productivity and growth. And, just maybe, make some great new connections with other local entrepreneurs.

Donating your excess office supplies, whether those from SHG or from elsewhere, is a thoughtful way to contribute to the success and impact of various organizations in your community. Take the opportunity to declutter your workspace while giving back to those who could use a hand. Together, we can create positive change and support the important work being done by these organizations.

Background image by Ferenc Horvath via Unsplash.

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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