Black Friday is Coming
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For entrepreneurs who sell online, Black Friday isn’t just a day; it’s a month-long opportunity to boost sales and connect with your audience. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it’s crucial to plan strategically to make the most of this time. Here, we guide you through a month-long preparation strategy, covering everything from the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

Week 1: Preparing the Foundation (Late October)

Start your Black Friday preparations by late October to ensure a smooth and successful sales season:

  1. Inventory Check: Review your inventory and identify popular products that might sell out quickly. Consider restocking in-demand items or creating bundles and exclusive deals.
  2. Email Subscribers: Send a newsletter to your subscribers, letting them know to watch out for your Black Friday deals. Encourage them to invite friends to join your email list for exclusive discounts.

Week 2: Creating Hype (Early November)

Generate excitement around your Black Friday deals with these strategies:

  1. Teaser Campaigns: Start teasing your audience with hints of what’s to come on Black Friday. Share sneak peeks of exclusive products or limited-time offers.
  2. Social Media Countdown: Use your social media platforms to create a countdown to Black Friday. Share daily or weekly updates, sneak peeks, and engage with your followers to build anticipation.

Week 3: Black Friday Preparation (Mid November)

As Thanksgiving approaches, focus on the final preparations:

  1. Finalize Your Deals: Make sure all your Black Friday offers and discounts are set up on your website or e-commerce platform.
  2. Launch Pre-Sales: Major retailers are starting Black Friday sales even before Thanksgiving. You can do the same to benefit from eager early shoppers, or give your best customers a chance to lock in early purchases before your main sales that everyone else gets access to after Thanksgiving.

Week 4: Black Friday Weekend (Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday)

This is the peak of the Black Friday season, and your focus should be on customer engagement and satisfaction:

  1. Thanksgiving Specials: Consider offering exclusive Thanksgiving Day deals to kickstart the Black Friday weekend. Think of different takes on sales that fit each of the weekend’s daily themes.
  2. Real-Time Engagement: Be active on social media throughout the weekend, responding to customer inquiries, sharing user-generated content, and creating excitement. Even after Black Friday, keep going strong for Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. Promote your unique story for each!


As an e-commerce entrepreneur, the Black Friday season presents a wealth of opportunities to connect with your audience, boost sales, and build brand loyalty. By planning strategically and engaging your customers throughout the month, from early November to the end of Giving Tuesday, you can make the most of this exciting sales season. Stay organized, stay engaged, and most importantly, enjoy the journey as you share your passion and products with the world during this festive and profitable time of year.

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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