Our Interview with Jenn Testamarck
September's guest expert, Jenn Testamarck, for SHG's Blog post Our Interview with Jenn Testamarck

Carol recently had the pleasure of speaking with September’s guest expert, the incredible Jenn Testamarck! 

Jenn is the CEO and Creative Director of Make Joy Studio. With over 15 years of experience, including a Masters, she and her team provide premium design services to woman-owned businesses and solopreneurs, helping them effectively communicate their unique services so they can attract the right clients – something we all need. 

The audio version is in the Member Hub, a digital library for all Sparkle Hustle Grow subscribers. It’s 30 minutes and a wonderful listen. (If you weren’t a subscriber for September, you can get access to this interview, plus Jenn’s training, when you purchase it in our Sparkle Shop.) The TLDR version is below. Thanks for chatting, Jenn! We’ve loved having you.


The 5 Things You Need for Your Brand:

  1. Logo
  2. Color palette
  3. Font
  4. Social media template
  5. A rockstar designer


Jenn is incredible at her craft, and the 5 items in the list are she can provide, and then some! We dug deeper though, and went into why it’s so important to believe in your own brand. The skinny below.


The 5 Tips to Believe in Your Own Brand:

Change your story – The story you continue to tell yourself will inevitably become the story of your life. Change it so it actually serves you.

Smile file – When you have doubts – and which entrepreneur doesn’t – dig back into your smile file to keep going. It’s these notes, compliments, and high fives from others that will remind you that yes, you are doing a fantastic job, and you’re right where you need to be.

Find a community – No one can go at it alone, we just weren’t designed to. Find a community of people that speak to your soul. 

Commit – Recommit to the work you’re doing. There will be more boring and hard days than not, so it’s imperative to remember the commitment to yourself and those you’re serving.

Define your mission – And finally, if you have defined your mission, the why of your work, it will make entrepreneurship so much more enjoyable. Define it and keep remembering it!


Jenn even added a FREEBIE for all subscribers (and anyone else reading this post)! Access it here.


You can find Jenn at:

Instagram: @makejoystudio

Website: makejoystudio.com

Email: hello@makejoystudio.com


Thanks for our chat, Jenn! 

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