Which Spooky Entrepreneur Monster Are You?
Which Spooky Entrepreneur Monster Are You? blog post showing halloween monster emoji by SHG

As Halloween approaches, the air becomes crisp, and eerie decorations adorn every corner. But have you ever wondered which spooky entrepreneur monster lurks within you? In this light-hearted and fun post, we invite you to embark on a ghoulishly entertaining journey to discover your entrepreneurial alter ego. Grab your broomstick or cape and let’s begin!

1. The Ghostly Procrastinator

👻 You might be The Ghostly Procrastinator if:

  • You often put off important tasks until the last minute, haunting deadlines.
  • Your to-do list resembles a graveyard, filled with unfinished projects.
  • You rely on the witching hour for inspiration to strike.

Survival Tip: Embrace time management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique to banish procrastination and make the most of your hours.

2. The Zombified Workaholic

🧟‍♀️ You might be The Zombified Workaholic if:

  • You’ve sacrificed sleep and sanity for your business, shuffling through life in a sleep-deprived haze.
  • Your idea of a “break” is checking emails from your haunted workspace.
  • You’ve forgotten what a weekend feels like.

Survival Tip: Remember, even zombies need rest. Schedule downtime, prioritize self-care, and reclaim your life outside of work.

3. The Bloodsucking Micro-Manager

🧛‍♀️ You might be The Bloodsucking Micro-Manager if:

  • You can’t resist hovering over your team, like a vampire lured by the scent of micromanagement.
  • You believe that no task can be completed without your fangs on it.
  • Your employees fear turning into corporate zombies.

Survival Tip: Release your grip, delegate responsibilities, and trust your team’s capabilities. Empower them to shine.

4. The Werewolf of Impulsive Decisions

🐺 You might be The Werewolf of Impulsive Decisions if:

  • You’re known for transforming into a decision-making beast during meetings.
  • Your team dreads the full moon of your impulsive business ideas.
  • Your motto is “Ready, fire, aim!”

Survival Tip: Before pouncing on decisions, take a step back, gather information, and weigh your options under the moonlight of careful consideration.

5. The Mummy of Outdated Strategies

💀 You might be The Mummy of Outdated Strategies if:

  • Your business practices are wrapped in ancient bandages, resistant to change.
  • You believe that tradition is your guiding mummy-rite.
  • You’re baffled by the newfangled ways of social media and digital marketing.

Survival Tip: Unwind those old strategies and embrace modern approaches. Stay current with industry trends and technology.


Now that you’ve embarked on this spooky entrepreneurial adventure, have you discovered your true monster alter ego? Remember, every entrepreneur has a bit of these spooky personas within them. The key to success is to recognize these traits and use them in moderation. As you venture through the haunted mansion of business, embrace your inner entrepreneur monster wisely, and may your entrepreneurial journey be filled with more treats than tricks! Happy Halloween, fellow entrepreneurs! 🎃👻

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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