Sparkler Speaks Series – Part 1
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We want to celebrate the journeys of all of our amazing members, or Sparklers as we call them! As cherished members of the Sparkle Hustle Grow community, their stories matter. We regularly share their wins and experiences on our Instagram, and here’s a quick recap of recent Sparklers we’ve featured. Plus, any member we feature gets a special prize in their next box! Let us know your experience here.

Meet KathrynJane of @authenticinsideandout 🌟 ⁠

KathrynJane is one of our extraordinary #Sparklers! ✨ She shares, “I NOW have a clear vision AND a plan. I love the book each month and having the actual author do a Zoom call just for us! It is so informative. The range of topics is very beneficial – from mindset to accounting to practical everyday activities. It’s helped not only my business but me personally in my life. Truly, there is no other place like SHG.” 💖⁠

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Abby Garrison, a dedicated #Sparkler, shares her experience! 💫⁠ @abbynicolegarrison 

Join Abby in the Sparkle Hustle Grow community and ignite your entrepreneurial journey! Learn more and secure your monthly box here. 💖📚

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Lastly, here’s Sara’s experience!

“Gives me that dopamine rush each month!” 🤩 We can’t complain about that 🤩  Swipe 👉️ to read Sara’s experience as a #Sparkler 💫

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Thanks to KathrynJane, Abby, and Sara for sharing their stories. Thank you to all of our Sparklers for being a part of our vibrant community and for inspiring fellow entrepreneurs!

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