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December’s the time to prepare for 2024, so don’t miss our December box! It’s got everything you need to get prepped to make next year a super-success.

First, December’s book – ‘She Believed She Could: Show Up, Shine Bright, and Achieve Abundant Success’ by this month’s author and guest expert, Allison Walsh – is the perfect read for an all-around plan for success in 2024. We’re all about goals here at SHG – not just setting them, but achieving and exceeding them!

In She Believed She Could, expert business consultant, international speaker and podcaster Allison Walsh delivers a practical and hands-on guide to evolving into the person you want to be. Allison draws from her expertise in positive psychology, the science of happiness, wellbeing, and success, pouring her wisdom and advice into every story, strategy, and suggestion. You’ll learn actionable tools to elevate your mindset, enhance your confidence and create a clear success plan for your future.

In the book, you’ll find: 

  • Strategies and frameworks that will help you show up, shine bright and create abundant success
  • Ways to give yourself permission to thrive, flourish, and optimize your potential ― every single day
  • How to tame your inner critic and overcome imposter syndrome
  • How to leverage your personal brand and enhance your earning potential and opportunities

Second, Allison’s training – “3 Steps to Achieve Abundant Success in 2024” – is all about making a plan, sticking with it, and riding it to new heights. Did you know 80% of people cancel on their New Year’s goals and resolutions by February? In this training, you’ll learn Allison’s signature framework and methodology that will help you set and accomplish any goal so you can achieve abundant success in 2024. 

Lastly, this month truly is for office supply lovers, especially those who love having a styled theme for their workspace. You’ll be getting a collection of items that all go together and provide a quick, easy, and fun way to re-style certain regularly-useful items across your desk. Use the lightness and inspiration from these surprise goodies to have a fresh start for your biggest year yet!

Want to learn more about Allison? Check her out here:
Her website

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