Words of 2024 to Inspire You
The definition of "inspiration", for SHG's Blog post "Words of 2024 to Inspire You"

Following up on our recent blog post with a fun word search, here are a few of our favorite words of 2024 that our very own Sparklers suggested.

Comeback – This is the year you’ll reverse the trend. You’ve laid the foundation for great things, and once you get a few last items in place, you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level this year. What is that last big project between you and even more success – is it a website refresh, a new sales plan, a new template for bizdev outreach? You can do it!

Connection – For you, 2024 is all about networking. You’re not just doing cold outreach to prospective clients – you’re strengthening your links to work acquaintances whom you’ve known for years. The best networkers aren’t just meeting new people, they’re introducing people they know to one another, proving their expertise as a mover and shaker. That’s you, and that’s why this is your year!

Discipline – It’s so easy to slack off at any job, especially one where you’re your own boss! Nobody’s going to give you a bad review if you don’t send out that email today, so why not play a little Wordle now instead? Forget that! This year, you’re buckling down, making the most of your working hours. You’re setting a schedule and sticking to it. You’re not overworking yourself, you’re working smarter and harder as a well-balanced entrepreneur, because you’ve got discipline!

Release – 2023 is so last year! Mistakes made are ancient history, because you’re releasing them into your past, not ruminating on them this year. Let go of deals that didn’t happen, forget about that admin who didn’t work out, ignore that email that was embarrassing due to a typo. Only by releasing the less-than-good (it’s not all bad!) can you make room for greatness in 2024!

Transformation – Change is the only constant, and that’s a good thing! This is the year you finally transform yourself or your business into what they’re meant to be. You’re adding something new to your skill set that will make you that best entrepreneur possible, or maybe you’re revamping a key aspect of your business so it sells itself more clearly. No matter what’s changing, it’s for the best!

What’s your word of 2024? If you haven’t picked one yet, do the word search and let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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