Free AI Tools To Help Your Business
An AI-generated image of various graphics that invoke a tech/AI feel, for SHG's blog post "Free AI Tools to Help Your Business"

Being an entrepreneur demands constant engagement. Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy, creativity, or mental bandwidth to take care of tasks you really ought to. That’s why AI tools exist – to help you get work done. It’s important to note that we’re not advocating using AI tools instead of professional writers, designers, and photographers. Instead, consider them a great supplemental resource when you’re crunched for time, budget, or inspiration! Take a look at our curated list below and try some of them out – you might just free up time that you can use for other tasks, while also generating assets that could help you attract new customers.

The grandmammy of them all, ChatGPT is a great tool – if you know how to use it. DON’T: use it to write blog posts, web content, or essays – if you need someone else to do it, that’s what trained copywriters are for! (Plus, it’s got its own style that isn’t especially readable and is recognizable once you know what to look for.) DO: use it for inspiration – ideas for blog posts, to think of business activities you’re overlooking, as a better web search tool, and more!

Google Bard
Google’s made an all-in one tool that can help you across a wide range of topics – from chat & content creation to image generation, from website code to recommendations, it’s got the power of Google behind it. If you use Google Workspaces as part of your tech stack, why not stick with a brand you know and try it out?

Microsoft Copilot
Similarly, Microsoft has their own all-in-one AI tool. If you use Outlook, Office, and other Microsoft tools, this would be a great tool for you.

Who has time to watch a 2-hour video? But we all know there are all sorts of nuggets to be found in long-form videos, whether they’re for business training, video podcasts, news reports, or anything else. That’s where Eightify comes in – it watches the video for you and summarizes it with quick text bites you can read through, plus there are timestamps so you can jump to that part of the video that most interests you. 

Instead of watching videos, do you actually make videos for your customers and potential clients to watch and learn from? It takes a lot of effort to edit those videos down into digestible, sharable clips. OpusClip can do that for you, selecting the best bits, adding captions, reframing the shot, and more!

There are so many AI-powered image generators out there, but Craiyon is a quick and simple one to use. It could be perfect when you need a quick icon, post image, or small visual asset for a module on your website.

Canva’s great for designing documents, Google Forms is good for quick surveys, but what if you want a good-looking form, document, or workflow faster? Taking just some initial design from you, Feathery can make something gorgeous and effective, tailored to your exact needs.


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