Is Your Sales Cadence Wrong?
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Timing is everything in the world of sales, and as an entrepreneur, it’s important to assess whether your current sales cadence might be holding you back. You probably fall into one of four common sales scheduling strategies, each of which has potential pitfalls that may be hindering your success.


Cadence 1: Seasonal Super-Sales

Do you plan almost all of your sales around holidays? Great! You’re planning around when people typically expect sales discounts and are actively looking to take advantage of them! We hope it’s working out for you, but have you thought about what might not be so good about this cadence?

First, you may have trained your customers to expect sales around every holiday. They may be scheduling their purchases only around predictable sales, meaning you’re missing out on sales at full price, effectively giving them a permanent discount!

Second, are you scheduling sales around every holiday, even when they don’t make sense? Sure, a Valentine’s Day sale might make sense for a chocolate company, but does it make sense for you? What about Labor Day or the 4th of July? If the holiday isn’t related to your business or how your customers use your products, it might be wise to skip that sale.


Cadence 2: Predictable Monthly Plan

A predictable monthly sales cadence can create stability, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Are you inadvertently becoming too routine, potentially losing the attention of your audience? The same type of sale on the same days of the month might create monotony and cause your customers to stop paying attention to your emails or social media channels. It might be time to inject some variety and spontaneity to keep your audience intrigued.

Try mixing it up! One time, skip the standard last day on the month clearance sale, wait a few weeks for your next sale, then surprise your customers with a flash sale! The unpredictability, though challenging for forecasting, might lead to better results from fewer sales.


Cadence 3: Me-Me-Me Sales Marketing

Sure, sales are there to help you increase revenue and possibly clear out some inventory if you’re a product-based business, but they’re really for your customers! Designing a sale around something that’s important to you (like your birthday, your team winning, and so on) might not resonate with customers. If you can’t get them to care about the topic of your sale, how are you going to get them to convert, even with discounts?

Customers want to know what’s in it for them and that it’s relevant to them today. Is it simply a huge percentage off? Is it related to where they are in life or in the sales funnel? Are you properly leveraging FOMO, YOLO, and other acronyms? Try to move away from what the sale means to you, and what it really means to your audience.


Cadence 4: Spontaneous Sales Randomness

If you’re coming up with sales on the fly at the last minute, especially if they’re short-term ones like 24-hour flash sales, you’re going to be leaving out a lot of customers. Not everyone is as plugged in and always checking their email and socials as you are!

While spontaneity can bring a sense of adaptability, it also carries risks. Being too impulsive might lead to missed opportunities for strategic planning and preparation that provide better bottom-line results.You want to find a balance between completely unpredictable and entirely predictable.


Recognizing potential pitfalls in your sales timing is the first step toward improvement. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to regularly evaluate and adjust your sales cadence to maximize effectiveness within the limited time you have.By addressing potential shortcomings, you can fine-tune your cadence for sustained success in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

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Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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