Sparkler Speaks Series – Part 2
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We want to celebrate the journeys of all of our amazing members, or Sparklers as we call them! As cherished members of the Sparkle Hustle Grow community, their stories matter. We regularly share their wins and experiences on our Instagram, and here’s a quick recap of a recent Sparkler we featured. Plus, any member we feature gets a special prize in their next box! Let us know your experience here.

Meet Sunshine from @beyouboudie a true #BossBabe and proud #SparkleHustleGrow subscriber! 🎉 Here’s what she had to say about her experience with SHG:⁠

“This is by far the BEST subscription box I’ve ever had! Having tried over 30 different subscriptions, none even come close to the level of service and experience provided by SHG. More than just products, SHG has transformed my mindset by helping me realize that my ‘people’ are out there. I’ve felt like I don’t fit in my entire life, but the SHG Community changed that. It’s amazing to have a space where I can discuss personal growth and business, knowing I’ll be met with kindness. The monthly challenges and trainings keep me on track, helping me overcome obstacles and grow. SHG has opened a new side of entrepreneurship for me, making me feel less alone in this world.”⁠

Sunshine, part of the Sparkler Speaks series
Sunshine, part of the Sparkler Speaks series

Thanks to Sunshine for sharing her story. Thank you to all of our Sparklers for being a part of our vibrant community and for inspiring fellow entrepreneurs!

If you want to share your story and experience in a different way, apply to be a Community Guest Expert here!

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