Our 6 Fave TED Talks from March’s Book
March 2024's book "Great TED Talks: Creativity" for SHG's blog post Our 6 Fave TED Talks from March’s Book
Don’t have time to read all 100 chapters of March’s Book “Great TED Talks: Creativity”? No worries! We’ve picked six of our favorites, which we think you’ll find especially useful. If you’ve got the book, read these chapters now. If you don’t, check out the available videos!
Elizabeth Gilbert

11/100 – Talk to your self-doubt

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love learned a lesson from legendary musician Tom Waits about literally speaking out loud to your self-doubts, which resulted in her best-selling book Committed.

Mel Robbins

26/100 – Ditch the Mental Snooze Button

Mel Robbins – author, life coach, TV commentator, and more – discusses how we have great ideas every day but kill them off because we’re not in the right mood, and encourages us instead to just make the leap.

Tom Hulme

35/100 – Discover What Customers Really Want 

British designer Tom Hulme uncovered consumer behavior from a desire path at Heathrow Airport. Not sure what a desire path is? Watch the video to find out! We’ve also got the perfect book for this topic – What Your Customer Wants And Can’t Tell You!

Tanya Menon

50/100 – How to Expand Your Network

Organizational psychologist Tanya Menon discusses how many opportunities come from people we’ve just met or only know a little, so she encourages us to avoid doing the same comfortable thing and instead do things to encourage “accidental bumps”. Want to expand your network right now? Join our community when you subscribe!

Jia Jiang

59/100 – Become Immune to Rejection

Jia Jiang might be the most socially-brave person you’ve never heard of.  He vlogged 100 days of making uncomfortable requests of strangers…and successfully desensitized himself to rejection! Plus, here’s the bonus video of his crazy request at Krispy Kreme!

Nicaila Matthews Okome

88/100 – Launch a Side Hustle

Nicaila Matthews Okome, host of the Side Hustle Pro podcast, has interviewed over 100 women, and realized that not all businesses have to go big or go home. Many of the successful entrepreneurs she talked to started very, very small!

If you don’t already have them, both the book and the March box will be on sale soon. We’ll post the link here when that happens, so check back later!

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