March 2024 Unboxing
A variety of office supplies for SHG's blog post "March 2024 Unboxing"

Who here could use some training to communicate effectively and confidently? I do! So, Iโ€˜m over the moon to introduce and learn from the incredible Sara Dean this month! Sara is a speaker, consultant, and podcast host of the wildly popular Shameless Mom Academy (6 million downloads across 140 countries!). Sheโ€™s full of courage and compassion, and is unrelenting in her support of womenโ€™s growth and transformation. Weโ€™re hearing from the best when it comes to authentic communication. Letโ€™s go out there and attract our ideal customers, so we can make that money.

โ†’ PS – If you skip to about 6:08, thereโ€™s a sneak peek for April!

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Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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