Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship
A woman drinking coffee and working while holding her toddler at home, for SHG's blog post "Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship"

Let’s face it, the month of May can feel like a whirlwind for entrepreneurial moms. Between celebrating Mother’s Day, juggling end-of-school activities, and preparing for summer break, it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed trying to successfully manage both motherhood and business ownership. Even entrepreneurs who choose not to, aren’t able to, or haven’t yet had kids have a heck of a month to deal with, too. But don’t fret! With some strategic planning and self-care practices, you can absolutely conquer this chaos.

First things first, get serious about time management. When you have a million obligations competing for your attention, effective scheduling is non-negotiable. Take inventory of your monthly priorities – which business goals, family responsibilities, and personal needs simply must get handled in May? Maybe it’s a major product launch, your daughter’s or niece’s dance recital, or scheduling a service provider deep clean. Whatever is most crucial, block those events and deadlines into your calendar first. Then dedicate specific chunks of time for focused work on these primary tasks, whether that’s early morning hours for your entrepreneurial activities or evenings for family and friends time.

Of course, despite your best scheduling efforts, unimportant distractions and unexpected fires will inevitably pop up and attempt to derail your plans. This is where prioritization becomes key. When you’re being pulled in multiple directions, you have to get merciless about evaluating where your time and energy gets invested. If an obligation doesn’t directly support your core business goals, family priorities, or self-care needs this month, you may need to just say no, delegate, or delay until June.

Finally, be ferocious about scheduling self-care into your routine. As an entrepreneurial woman, your own physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing needs to be prioritized just as much as the other essentials on your plate this month. Each day, block out pockets of time just for you, whether that’s unwinding with a rejuvenating workout, indulging in a solo hobby, journaling over a luxurious cup of coffee, or getting in some bonafide R&R with restorative solo activities like napping, massage, or disconnecting fully from technology for an hour.

You can’t effectively run a business and be present for your family and friends if you’re completely depleted and running on fumes. So develop a self-care routine this May that energizes and reinvigorates you daily. When you make your own needs a priority and give your mind and body opportunities to recharge, you’ll maintain the stamina required to truly excel both at work and home over the next few frenzied weeks.

There’s no denying it – May is intense for all entrepreneurs, especially moms. By time-blocking your days, prioritizing with determination, and fiercely protecting self-care periods, you can navigate this whirlwind successfully. Cut out any excess obligations that aren’t truly crucial right now. Stay focused on purposefully making time for your top business and family priorities each day. And never neglect your own personal rejuvenation. With a strategic system and a little self-compassion, you’ve totally got this. Wishing you a productive and rewarding May!

Carol Gavhane, owner of Sparkle Hustle Grow

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