Only Mompreneurs Will Get It
A cartoon of a businesswoman with messy hair, for SHG's blog post "Only Mompreneurs Will Get It"

These are some crazy situations that only mompreneurs will understand. Have you gotten into any of these, or do you have your own? Share them with us on Instagram!


A cartoon drawing of a woman recording a video with her crying kid behind her

Going viral on social media, but for all the wrong reasons after your preschooler photobombs your big product unboxing video.


A cartoon of a woman with a financial report that's been drawn on in crayon

Discovering mid-presentation that one of your kids used your analytics reports as paper for coloring book pages.


A cartoon of a woman opening boxes but there's a diaper in one

Packing a shipment of orders for your boutique’s customers, only to find your infant stuffed a diaper into one of the boxes while you weren’t looking.


A cartoon of a businesswoman finding her home office fingerpainted by her child

Coming back to your home office, only to find out that your preschooler practiced her finger painting skills while you were at a networking lunch.


A cartoon of a businesswoman with messy hair on a call

Accidentally joining an important video call with a baby food-stained shirt and crazy mom hair.

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