Check Out Impacting Millions®

and OVER $2k In Bonuses From me!

Check Out Impacting Millions® and OVER $2k In Bonuses From me!

Hey girl! Sign up through me and get some seriously amazing Impacting Millions® bonuses!

What is Impacting Millions®?

IMPACTING MILLIONS® teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities, so you can get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives). Because you’re not interested in playing small your entire life. You’re interested in making a world-changing impact.

On top of the amazing program, you will gain access to a community of smart, driven entrepreneurs like you PLUS tons of amazing bonuses from Sparkle Hustle Grow. (keep scrollin, sis!)


IMPACTING MILLIONS® is right for you if…

  • You’re just getting started as a coach, consultant, service provider, or  product or course creator. You feel lost in a sea of people doing work similar to yours… and you’re ready to stand out.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you’re not getting the attention or clients you know your business deserves. (You know you’re amazing at what you do – you just need more people to know that, too.)
  • You’re an established 6-figure or multi-6 figure entrepreneur who dreams of writing books, being on television, or being seen as the top leader in your industry.

Set up a 15 minute call with me so we can talk through it.

I will help you decide if the Impacting Millions is truly a good fit for you.  

I joined Impacting Millions in April 2018.

Look at just a handful of my media features since then…note that many of these features happened within ONLY MONTHS of starting Selena’s program.

And I’m so proud of these women who joined through me last year!

Look at some of the amazing features they scored!


My Impacting Millions® Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Six months of Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box ($305.70 value)

FAST ACTION BONUS: Sign up on April 1, 2020 and get a FREE Annual VIP upgrade to Sparkle Hustle Grow ($120)

Bonus #2: Masterclass: make the most of your media mentions ($97 value)

Bonus #3: Done for You Templates: Media Kit, 3x Social posts ($500 value)

Bonus #4: Your 1st Media Opportunity! Interview feature on the Sparkle Hustle Grow blog ($500 value) 

Bonus #5: Trello board to track your pitches ($97 value) 

NEW BONUS:30 days of industry-specific opportunities for you from HARO, a service that connects the media with brands. Our in-house expert will research and deliver opportunities to you daily – all you have to do it send your pitch! ($450 value)

Members Only - Are you in?  

There’s never been a better time than now to shift toward the NEW WAY of doing business.

Take a minute and look at your own bank statements…how many memberships do you pay for month after month?

I bet more than one.

Businesses large and small are tired of chasing clients, sales, and ultimately their own tails trying to keep up.

That’s what one-off selling creates. So I’ve got one question?

Are you tired of hard work just to see a fraction of the income you COULD make?

 If yes, then Stu McLaren’s TRIBE Experience is your golden ticket to have more financial stability and freedom doing what you love.

TRUST ME - I've been running my box membership
for 3.5  years and have sent over 37k boxes to my members. 

Through IMPACTING MILLIONS®, I was provided with the tools, training, connections and support to help me earn so many of the above media mentions. I am a student of Selena Soo and I invite you to join us in your own visibility journey.

Meet your new Publicity Coach, Selena!

Become a Student, like me!

Impact Millions with your Business! Cheers!


We were featured as the Best Subscription Box to Gift the Boss Babe and as a result, our gift sales tripled that month!

Not only does publicity create social proof, it translates into sales. 

ME!  Julie Ball, Founder + Chief Sparkler, Sparkle Hustle Grow

Impacting Millions has been a game changer in my business. I started with zero publicity and no idea where to begin. In only a few weeks I had my first podcast interview. Now publicity is a streamlined part of my business and accounts for my business growth. I recommend this course for any small business owner. The effectiveness of the course was enhanced by working with Julie from Sparkle Hustle Grow. I have been a Sparkle Hustle and Grow member for a long time and continue to see benefits from the monthly training and community. You also can’t beat the great business supplies. If you have the opportunity to sign up for Impacting Millions under Julie, then do it. Thank you Selena Soo for this course, the encouragement, and these opportunities.

Sarah Torres-Ferrick

I’ve been a part of the Impacting Millions Program for a year now. Within this time my business has grown to the six-figure mark. I know I can attribute much of this success to what I have learned from Selena and her guest experts. I now have a solid foundation of how marketing and public relations work. Thanks to this program, I’ve been featured as a guest expert on three influential podcasts in my industry. I’ve also been featured in two newspaper articles, one being a very large regional publication. Without this exposure, my business would not be where it is today. I’m so happy I took the leap and joined Impacting Millions.

Michelle Patton

Oprah Magazine said YESSSSSSSS to me! One of my dreams come true. I shared a story about the best gift I’ve ever gotten and they love it. My life is amazing.

Thank you Selena Soo for this course, the encouragement, and these opportunities.

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

I’m ecstatic that my Entrepreneur on Fire interview went LIVE today!!! I could not have gotten this without Impacting Millions® and the Insider shares here.

Tree Franklin

So excited to share! Was just featured in Business Insider thanks to the amazing Selena Soo!

Emily Williams




I am a proud partner of the Impacting Millions program. If you enroll through my link, I will receive a commission which means I can provide you with extra bonuses to make your experience even better! I only promote people and programs that I stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business.