Ambassador Program

Join our community of ambassadors who are passionate about all things entrepreneurship and personal development, and sharing that with others.

Being an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs. We hear you, and that’s why SHG is all about equipping you with cool products, high caliber training, and awesome community so you can start or grow your business!

Why become a SHG Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, you will receive a free box every month, an exclusive discount code to extend to others in your community, opportunities to network with each other, and increased social media presence (we share your posts on our feed). It’s a win-win for us all!

What are we looking for in a SHG Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassadors are excited to talk shop all day long – small biz, personal development, mindset, and more. To them, it’s not just a side hustle or a dream, it’s a living reality of what it means to be your own boss and own it – whatever “it” is! They are the friend who’s in-the-know on all things entrepreneurship – podcasts, authors, courses, gadgets and planners – and want to share their knowledge with the world.

Ambassadors should have a large social media presence or a smaller but highly-engaged group, demonstrating their social influence.

What should you expect?

As a Brand Ambassador, you are part of the SHG Team. We want Ambassadors who can share our everyday values through social promotion and community engagement. (Be sure to check our values below.) In turn, you will be featured on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, in addition to the following perks: a free box every month, your own discount code, networking opportunities, and increased social media presence.

Our values: Sparkle Hustle Grow is about empowering and elevating each other. We strongly believe that with the right mindset and community, you can achieve your goals. We stand for a life of learning and growth – and having loads of fun along the way!

Who can apply?

  • Must be located in the United States
  • Must have public social media accounts – see above for details
  • Must be in the entrepreneurship space

Apply here, we can’t wait to meet you!

-Team SHG.

(Due to the amount of applications we receive, we’re unable to reply to every application. If you’re the perfect fit for our next opening, we’ll get back to you soon!)