How to use your Sparkle Hustle Grow Quarterly Planner


1. Hang your poster using your preferred method – tape, pins, or magnets on your whiteboard. The paper is thick, high-quality stock, but hangs fine even using masking tape. Start dating your calendar using this quarter’s months.

2. Write down date-specific tasks, goals, deadlines, etc. Be as specific as possible to ensure you stick to your plan.

3. In the boxes to the right, make note of your top 3 items for each month. To help your business grow, focus on incremental change, not pie-in-the-sky targets, here.

4. Don’t forget to write down things you’re grateful for. Taking a step back and a minute to breathe and appreciate things in your life can help you refocus on the needs of your business.


  • Use a Sharpie for best results. Ballpoint pens, felt tip pens, and even dry erase markers are great too, but you may want to test them on the back for smearing first.¬†
  • Don’t forget to drop in dates, holidays and time off before you plan.
  • Set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound